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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


is it just me, or do you just have a time where you keep trying to do something and it just is NOT going right and all you can say is ‪#‎seriously‬? That was me last night trying to go to bed.
I filled up my diffuser for bed.
Then I turned on the baby monitor. Which by the way, I hate, loathe, whatever, it makes me want to kick it across the room. It has to be in JUST the PERFECT spot, or it beeps incessantly (hence me wanting to punt it, far, far away).
So in my attempt to silence the never ending beeping, I pick it up to move it (it was plugged into the same outlet as the diffuser) and the cord was next to the diffuser and spills the diffuser on the floor. Strike 1. I turn off the ridiculous monitor and go refill the diffuser. Note red arrow where spill #1 occurred.
Bring it back and start over, turn on the diffuser, go to turn on baby monitor, beeping begins, as I'm moving it, I spill it AGAIN, seriously? Strike 2. Note yellow arrow where spill #2 occurred.
Now, I get a little smarter and plug the monitor in next to the closet. Refill the diffuser AGAIN (the 3rd time, 3rd times a charm right?). Turn on diffuser on the only dry part of the carpet (blue arrow).
Turn on baby monitor that I have somehow managed to not throw through a window and the only place that it won't beep like someone sending an SOS over and over again is IN our closet. because that make sense, right? (black arrow)
If you made it through all that, you deserve a cookie, or a turn punting my baby monitor. ;)

just #reallife here people.

What is your #seriously moment?

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