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Monday, November 9, 2015

Sometimes we just need a little schedule...

Things I am: Wife, Mom, Daughter, Foodie, Hippy-ish, Naturally minded

Things I am not: Lover of cleaning.

Yep, cleaning. It is not my favorite job. I would rather cook than clean any day of the week. That being said, I don't like to live in a pigsty and everyone is happier when the house is clean.

Cleaning is even worse when it is done on a large amounts....with everyone around.

I mean that is real life right? Or at least it is in my house.

The other week a friend of the family posted a cleaning schedule that she found online. This one, unlike other ones actually seemed do-able! 1 thing a day, with bigger projects in throughout the month to keep everything running smoothly.

I took it and made it my own, changed a few things because some didn't apply (like we don't have a garage) and added some things.
So far, it has been going really well, I don't feel like any day has "too much" to do, I can do it while (usually) 2 kids are napping so I don't feel like someone is throwing one thing on the floor while  I'm cleaning another one up and the house is cleaner than ever because I don't feel overwhelmed.

Bonus: It features a "catch up day" on Saturday, so if the week was particularly busy, we can do it on the weekend. Another bonus, since most of it is done during the week, we can do more fun family things, like the park and college football on Saturday instead of cleaning all day!

I'm sharing it with you and I hope it can help someone else!
Please note: Laundry is not included on here because I do approximately 52421 loads a week between the 5 of us and cloth diapers. So, you can add that if you like, that's a daily chore here, but I didn't want it staring me in the face ;)

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